'Twipple photo' service disclaimer

'Twipple photo' (hereafter referred as 'this service') is a trial version (beta version) offered for free by BIGLOBE Inc. (hereafter referred as the company)

By accessing this service (in full or partial) you agree to abide by the terms and conditions. (The disclaimer)

The users who wish to use this service (hereafter referred as the user) must agree the Terms of Service prescribed by Twitter and must be a registered user of the 'Twitter' service (hereafter referred as 'Twitter').
This service uses the Twitter API (Application Programming Interface) provided by Twitter, and the contents published using this service will be maintained by this service and will be published on the Twitter as well. The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy will be applicable to the content that is published on Twitter. You should be careful about the picture posted by use of this service as it can be viewed by anyone from anywhere around the world immediately, even if the access to your content is restricted by Twitter.

You will be responsible for the pictures and content posted using this service. We will not be responsible in any way for any content posted by you using this service. However we reserve the right to remove certain content which we feel to be inappropriate, at our sole discretion. You agree and strictly follow the conditions below: The images or pictures posted by you are taken or drawn by you and the content that violates the copyright is not posted. The content that violates the individual's privacy is not posted. The content that violate the law, the content that is threatening, defamatory, offensive, obscene, filthy, demagogic, pornographic, encouraging violence, incur civil liability, must not be posted.
We are under no obligation to remove these posts.

The company will not be liable for any damages or losses of user or the third party resulting from offering, delaying, changing, terminating, cancelling, holding or discarding this service, outflow or loss of information transmitted exchanged, stored using this service, and invasion of the rights of the third party except the cases in which the incident happened due to our grossly negligence.
We do not warrant the completeness, truthfulness, accuracy, or reliability of information offered by us related to this service.

Please understand that we may delete your images uploaded to the Twipple Photo without your permission if you delete your Twitter account.